Steve Dey asked to include his deer harvest chart that is attached to this email.

Henry Schienebeck has been working to eliminate the push for the Natural Asset Class (NAC) that would have put our National Lands on the stock exchange and manage them for profit.  Attached is the withdrawal of the NAC to the SEC.

An article from Jim Hamill regarding deer management from the 30’s


Dave Johnson

2019-23 U.P. Deer Harvest 12.17.23 (1)

deer Hunting Detroit Free Press

NAC Company SEC withdrawl

Summary of anti-gun legislation going into effect in 2024


This should be an interesting meeting with discussions regarding deer season and plan on having some of the newer DNR folks on hand for questions.

Dave Johnson President UPSA

2020 WUPCAC Resolution – Sept – Moose Management Plan Final

2023 Preliminary Bear Harvest_1

2022 Preliminary Bear Harvest_1 (2)

Deer Harvest Summary Report 01 04 2024

Factors Limiting Deer Abundance in the Upper Peninsula Report

Great Lakes Salmon Initiative Optional Trolling License Proposal

Greetings for December 2023 GLTPA

Greetings November 2023 GLTPA

Important deer habitat issue

UPSA Agenda 02 17 2024 pdf

UPSA Quarterly Meeting Minutes October 14th 2023

USDA Article old growth

2023 Deer Regs

Baiting is now legal in the UP limited to the 2 gallons.  The combo tag is back as it was before CWD and doe permits are allowed in the low snow zone up to 10 permits and in the mid snow zone an additional draw will be held to limit the does.  Also 122 is now back to the 3 pt. APR.

Meeting Documents May 5 2023 West Branch Sportsmen’s Club

UPSA Agenda 05 20 2023 pdf

32.22.07 Deer Wintereing Complex

2021 Forest Certification Highlights

2023DeerRegRecommendationsApril13B (1)

dog hunting

Female deer disperse farther than males, present disease-control challenge _ Penn State University

House Gun Bill 4138 4142 4143 4139 4144 4145 4146 4147 4148 4149 4150

Hulbert -Sage River DWC pilot plan 2019 final

Michigamme Highlands_Fact Sheet

Michigamme Highlands_Map

Michigan_ Deer Movement in Studies Provide Insight into CWD Spread – ThinkingAfield.org

President Message 05 20 2023 pdf

Senate Gun Bill 76 77 78 79 80 83 84 85 86

Senate Gun Bill 76 77 78 79 80 83 84 85 86-1

Senate passes two resolutions overturning Biden endangered species protections

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